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Counseling and Testing Center: A ‘great gem’ strives to meet community needs

Published Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Counseling and Testing Center in the College of Education Division of Theoretical and Behavioral Foundations is not just any mental health clinic; it is an incredible environment of learning, growth, support, and community presence. The Counseling and Testing Center has served the community for over 30 years. The College of Education Counselor Education program, which culminates in the Counseling Center, is fully accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs, and has an impeccable reputation within the mental health field.

"Our Counseling Center offers a plethora of services, from individual counseling to personality and career inventories," said Tami Wright, Ph.D., LPC, SCL, clinical director of the counseling program. "Our students are so well prepared that we've had many people believe they were already professionals in the field, not counselors-in-training completing their Master's program. As counselors’ we believe that we all have the answers we need within; ourselves, sometimes they just get blocked or 'stuck.' Counselors help us remove these blocks and reduce anxieties, depression, and stress while building self-confidence and self-determination. The Counseling Center is a great gem for our university community as well as our public community. Everyone is welcome; come see what we can offer."

The Counseling and Testing Center is open to service the Wayne State community (students, faculty and staff), as well as members of surrounding communities. Some clients travel quite a distance to benefit from the cost-free services offered at the Counseling Center. These services include individual, group, couple, and marriage and family counseling for both children and adults; substance abuse testing; educational and life skills assessment; rehabilitation counseling; career and vocational counseling; and art therapy. The Counseling Center has facilitated healing and provided hope to many clients. The center is committed to providing counseling services to urban area residents at no cost.

All of the counselors-in-training who work in the counseling center are master's level students in the Counselor Education Program.  These are students who have completed at least 49 graduate level credits. Those credits were met by courses such as Cultural Diversity, Group Counseling, Theories, and Human Development, as well as peer-to-peer experience.

"The Wayne State University state of the art Counseling and Testing Center has been providing high-quality counseling services to students and individuals in the community for more than 25 years," said Sameerah Davenport lecturer for the Counselor Education program. "The counselors-in-training at this site have been rigorously trained to promote positive mental health growth in individuals from our diverse community in the heart of Detroit."

The multidisciplinary nature of the Counseling Center provides opportunities to work with students and faculty from various departments. Some advanced doctoral students have served as departmental clinical instructors/supervisors, so their clinical activities contribute to the development of their teaching skills. Additionally, students and faculty from different departments work together to collaborate as co-therapists and assist in peer supervision.

"The Counseling Center at Wayne State University creates a great deal of growth in the students and in their clients," said Jennifer Elliott, a student in the counseling program. "It is a wonderful service to the Wayne State community and to the surrounding communities as well."

Counselors-in-training receive extensive supervision and observation throughout their tenure at the Counseling Center. Their supervisors are licensed and trained professionals who work to ensure that the needs of clients are being met by the student counselors.

If you or someone you know is in need of the services referenced above, contact the Counseling Center at (313) 577-1681 to schedule an appointment. To learn more about the Counseling and Testing Center, visit http://coe.wayne.edu/tbf/counseling/center-index.php.

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