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Julie Osburn, Director of Academics is recognized for her contributions with Winning Futures

Published Sunday, April 16, 2017

In recognition of National Volunteer Month, we wish to honor Julie Osburn, Director of Academics at Wayne State University College of Education, for all the contributions she has made as a volunteer in the community and to our organization, Winning Futures.

Julie Osburn serves as a mentor with Winning Futures, a nonprofit that provides goal­ setting and skill-building programs for over 2,000 middle and high-school students. Each week, Mrs. Osburn meets with some of these students at an area school to mentor and lead them through activities that aid their educational and personal development.  We and our students are extremely grateful for Mrs. Osburn's volunteerism, for if it weren't for citizens like our mentors, our program could not function.

While we strive to praise the contributions of our volunteers throughout the year, we find it especially important to do so during April, which is National Volunteer Month. Each year, volunteers provide work and services for organizations such as ours that equates to more than $169 billion of paid time. This makes their work is not only noble, but critical to the continued efforts of all non-profit and charitable associate ions around the world.

By recognizing Mrs. Osburn's involvement with Winning Futures, we want to give credit where credit is due as well as encourage others at your organization and community to become a volunteer. .

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Program Facilitator, Winning Future, sarah@winningfutures.org (586) 698-4078

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