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College of Education joins Warriors and takes over the state capitol

Published Monday, April 17, 2017

College of Education faculty, staff and students participated in WSU Warrior Day at the State Capitol on March 21, 2017. Coordinated by the Office of Government and Community Affairs, the event provided a unique opportunity for students, in particular, to interact with their local representatives and/or senators. Activities included a brief advocacy training followed by small group meetings in representatives’ offices. After lunch in the Capitol building, the entire WSU delegation was introduced in the House of Representatives Chamber by Representative Fred Durhal, III (D-Detroit 5th District).

The focus of this legislative action day was to promote higher education as a priority in Michigan. Priorities included restoring higher education funding for Wayne State, revising performance metrics by which funding is determined and supporting WSU’s capital outlay project to build a STEM Innovation Learning Center on main campus.

Lonnie Moorehead, Secondary Education major and Morris Hood Scholar, is one of the students who participated in Warrior Day. He talked with Representative Larry Inman (R-Grand Traverse County 104th District), a Detroit native who grew up in the same neighborhood as Lonnie, about how their old neighborhood and school on Wyoming and Puritan had fallen into a state of decay. He also met with Representative Durhal. He said, “I did enjoy the conversation with Mr. Durhal because he said he would let me know next time he was coming to my neighborhood so maybe we could sit down and have a substantive conversation about some issues with education in the urban community.”

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