Wayne State University

About The Educator

The Educator newsletter is one of a number of efforts undertaken by the College of Education to inform the campus and external community of programs, policies, events, and activities taking place in the college. The purpose is to make our "stakeholders," be they donors, community organizations, principals or many others, aware of the varied facets of the college and the accomplishments of its faculty, staff and alumni. 
The Educator was inaugurated in 2002 as a print version that was issued bi-annually and mailed to over 10,000 individuals for several years. Although it was highly praised for both its layout and content, staff reductions and the increased costs of printing made it necessary to change over to an annual publication. In late 2012, in an effort to “go green” and provide information to our readers in a timely manner, The Educator was retooled as an online monthly newsletter.
We welcome your ideas, comments and questions. Please send them to: COEnewsletter@wayne.edu